Do not get upset by every anxiety disorder

Ever since the world has come into being, people have been upset and happy, so we should all never be upset and always try to be happy. The great people of the world are also suffering. Live and they know very well how to avoid these afflictions we should come face to face depression and suffering and never be afraid of them in today's article you will know that How you can get rid of your worries.

How to prevent anxiety
We cannot eliminate anxieties

Anxiety will remain in our lives

Dum Gopnik has been looking for solutions to her problems for many years

After reporting in London and Paris, he arrived in New York this week and found the entire city panicked about the Ebola epidemic.

Ebola is now a disease that is certainly justified to worry about. It is a terrible and highly contagious deadly disease. This is a big concern on my list of worries because my other worries are less important, such as whether Chelsea's Diego Costa is fit to play for Manchester United.

Extreme anxiety is considered the hallmark of New York and unreasonable sadness is the hallmark of Paris.

After a long time, I have found many solutions to growing anxiety, which I will tell you.

Modern people have four different types of anxiety and each anxiety comes with its own diagnosis. We can call these thoughts destructive anxiety, chronic anxiety, anxiety due to external influences and anxiety of existence. Let's look at them one by one.

Anxiety is caused by the fear of something bad happening suddenly. As the plane crashes, it can detonate a terrorist bomb on your bus. The best solution to this kind of fear I learned from playing cards.

One important thing I learned from a professional card player is that the cheater in the card should know the address numbers and all the possibilities well.

The biggest benefit of this trick was that I started thinking about the positive effects of these things instead of thinking about the negative effects. When you turn your fears into desires, you will see that How far that fear is from reality.

Chronic anxiety is the worst kind of anxiety because when one anxiety goes away, another begins. I will be fired tomorrow, I will not be able to repay the rent or loan, what will happen to the children's school fees.

This list of worries never ends. The problem is so severe that it can often be cured by medication alone.

But we can also understand this disease as an aspect of human nature and human desires. Self-renewal is the legacy of human predators. Lions are also restless beasts - if you look into their eyes, you will see trouble, not greatness. Didn't the zebra see me somewhere? How close am I to it? Should I attack now?

Concerns due to external influences are similar to catastrophic concerns, but they are related to public concerns rather than major accidents, which are mostly due to the news.

Yesterday's concerns in Iraq were about Islamic State, so today we are worried about the Ebola epidemic. These problems are caused by living in a news culture because the news is most scary.

There is only one solution to this problem and that is to keep yourself away from such news sometimes, even for a short time.

The anxiety of existence is anxiety from which we cannot escape. The chances of our death are not low, but it is certain that we have to die. And even if we keep ourselves away from this truth (which we do most of the time), the death rate of our loved ones is a matter of great concern to us. The cause remains. At one point, a 20-year-old boy died, along with his parents and friends. Grief is absolute!

All we can do for our betterment is to try to alleviate the other three kinds of worries, so that as much time as we have left, we should think about the virtues of life instead of the things that Not in our hands, and we have no solution.
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