Depression Is a Treatable Illness

Such news and letters pass before our eyes every day, but we also bury these letters with these frustrated mates in the guise of failing an exam, breaking a heart in love and suffering from unemployment. After all, our society is full of the complex examination system and corruption and recommendation.

We are never able to mention the disease which is called "Depression". "Looking" and even if diagnosed, it is considered "madness".The resulting personal decline is treated as a sign of "no trauma" and suicide as a sign of "weak nerves" and the rest of the children are encouraged to abstain from movies and dramas.

Depression is a treatable illness
Homeless depressed man

Depression has different definitions and identities in every home. If it happens to the son, it is considered to scare the parents with emotional blackmail and if it happens to the daughter-in-law, it is considered as "drama taught by the mother". Stigma is an "excuse" for an employee to avoid work. Our society is highly sceptical and ignorant about health and medical information.

Where even today diabetes is treated with honey and hepatitis is treated with pigeons. It is as difficult to catch and control a complex disease as depression as it is to explain to the public that like diabetes and blood pressure There is a disease. Just as diabetes stops the production of insulin in the human body, so in depression the balance of many chemicals in the human brain called "neurotransmitters" is disturbed.

Symptoms of depression

Just as there are symptoms of diabetes such as "feeling very thirsty, losing weight, urinating a lot", there are also nine symptoms of depression which are:

  • Not feeling happy in any work.
  • Feeling frustrated
  • Not getting enough sleep or getting too much.
  • Do not feel hunger
  • Not meeting the eyes while speaking or speaking too fast which shows anxiety. 6. Feeling tired all the time
  • Suffering from the illusion of my caste that I am a failed person and my family is facing disgrace because of me.
  • Don't get involved in any work.
  • Thinking of suicide

If four of these symptoms are present most days of the week and make a difference in a person's life and daily activities, then you have no vision, no magic, no illusion or any drama, but you have fallen victim to this disease. It is called "depression" and is treatable for which you need a doctor, a psychologist, not the advice of a father's talisman, a jogi's swelling and an aunt's "I also had a daughter-in-law". Just as sugar is controlled by insulin, depression is controlled by "breeding and medicine."

More Information on depression

Most antidepressant medications begin to work after at least six months, so if you don't get an immediate result, remember to tell the doctor before you call the medicine "business". 

Just as if diabetes is not controlled, the kidneys can fail and the legs may have to be amputated. Similarly, if depression is not treated properly, a person can become so frustrated that he hangs himself on a trap and drinks some acid. One can cut the thread of one's life by jumping from the roof. According to an aid statistic, every year more than three hundred people in Pakistan commit suicide due to depression, but the cruelty is that even a domestic worker knows about sugar. It happens that "Sahib Ji had diabetes so his leg was amputated" but in this disease, one in Allah knows that the suicide that took place was a quarrel with his wife, failure in the exam, love for the boss in Tutu. It's not because I'm frustrated, but because I'm depressed.

According to a survey, depression has been found in 35% of the people in Pakistan, the majority of whom are women and less educated people. Family attitudes, social restrictions, low education, lack of financial resources and the growing extremism around them are the factors that lead to this spontaneous disease and then just need a hit like the last nail in the coffin. Which leads to the death of the patient suffering from depression and this hit can be anything like failure to pass an exam, dismissal from the job and infidelity of the beloved, which is very common and every day for a normal healthy person. ۔

Especially in women, immediately after the birth of a child, there may be a period of depression called "postpartum depression" in which she starts crying over and over again and sometimes does not take proper care of the baby. This is due to a change in the hormones produced in the body immediately after birth which heals in four to five weeks but in the meanwhile instead of saying "bad temper and drama, it needs treatment and counselling which I often do not see well-educated and high-class families.

One of the reasons why this disease is not considered a disease is that like diabetes and TB, there is no blood test for this disease, no X-ray, but just a specialist interview based on the symptoms. According to a survey. Just one out of every ten thousand patients with depression in Pakistan goes to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis, while the remaining nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine people either express it for fear of being called a drama and an excuse. If they can't do it or even do it, they just look for advice from a Baba: Jogi: Maulvi Sahib or the most experienced woman in the family.

It is a different matter that when they commit suicide due to this disease and go to the brink of death, it is Maulvi Sahib and Aunty who go to their own affairs by giving a fatwa that this death is haraam. Left behind are the paper letters left by the deceased, which are used by the family for the rest of their lives due to the mistake of misinterpreting their mental illness as acting, sight and excuse.

I have often seen that in this case, just by advising five times of prayer and supplication, the matter is put to an end and the disease is associated with Islamism by declaring it to be mere hopelessness. Depression can't happen. ”Just as a lack of insulin in a Muslim body can lead to a heart attack due to high blood sugar and cholesterol, so too can a Muslim suffer from depression due to a chemical imbalance in the body.

Why does this society run to the hospital in case of a heart attack? Why does it not go to the mosque? Those who teach Zikr and Dua should know that “there is a difference between despair and depression. Depression is a whole disease with only one of the nine symptoms being depression.

Just as diabetes requires insulin along with prayer, this disease requires medicine along with prayer and remembrance.

Remember that not every mental illness, including depression, is insanity, but a disease like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure.

There are many free clinics in the country for this purpose. Explain everywhere that depression is a treatable disease. If a patient is diagnosed prematurely and his life is saved by preventing him from committing suicide, it will be mercy on the whole of humanity, not just one human being, because the Qur'an says: He saved lives, he saved the lives of all humanity. "

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