How to help people with depression?

According to psychologists, depression can affect anyone. If you do not feel comfortable in your daily activities, you are very sad, frustrated or bored or suffer from anxiety, restlessness and helplessness, then you may also be suffering from depression.

Although many people do not recognize this, depression is a regular illness. Other symptoms include poor sleep, loss of appetite or weight loss, judgment and lack of attention and memory, and even serious illness in people with the disease. Start thinking.

How to help people with depression
Depression is a state of mind

If this condition persists for a long time, then a person starts feeling tired of life which is called 'clinical depression' in medical terms.

In addition, according to medical experts, there may be complaints including jaw and headache, indigestion, respiratory problems and other symptoms which do not seem to be related to any disease.

Why does depression occur?

According to Dr Murad Musa Khan, a professor of psychology at the Aga Khan Medical University in Rachi, most mental illnesses are caused by hereditary diseases and the circumstances surrounding each individual.

He said the disease also affects people who suffer from other deadly diseases, such as cancer, heart disease or other chronic diseases.

Depression also affects your daily activities. You don't want to get out of bed, or you hesitate to meet people. '

Dr Murad Musa Khan says that medicines used for blood pressure and other ailments also increase the risk of depression. "Many people use steroids which change their mood. Some people feel better because of them, while many people suffer from depression.

How is depression treated?

Psychologist Dr Ali Hashmi says that if the nature of depression is not severe and you do not suffer from many problems, then you can try to cure it yourself by keeping your diet right, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

'But if the symptoms of depression are so severe that your daily routine is being affected or family, friends or people around you are saying that there is a clear change in you, you need a professional to diagnose it properly. Should get help.

He said that the professional could be your general physician, psychiatrist, psychiatrist or therapist.

Psychologists usually treat you with psychotherapy, counselling, or psychotherapy sessions, while psychiatrists prescribe medication for you after certain tests. Usually one or both of these treatments go hand in hand.

How to help depression patients?

According to psychologists, if someone in your family or friends is showing signs of depression, then you should ask them separately how they are feeling.

According to experts, it is better to keep an eye on people suffering from depression and persuade them to see a doctor.

According to experts, it would be better for you to keep an eye on them and persuade them to accept the help of a psychologist or professional.

But if they are reluctant to do so, you can go and consult a doctor yourself and ask what you should do in this case. Experts also say that you can gather information from other sources such as the Internet.

Dr Ali Hashmi said that there are many superstitions in our society about depression and its treatment.

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