Mental health in workplace

Do you suffer from stress in the performance of office work? If you are working in a private company or a multinational company, the answer to this question is affirmative by the majority. It will come, because today, in the 21st century, where the latest technology has accelerated the pace of work, man is struggling with the pressure of work and the stress of trying to get ahead in this race.

Mental health in the workplace

That's why work stress is at the top of the list in mental health issues.

mental health in workplace
Take your workplace easy

International research shows that more than 60% of the world's population currently suffers from work stress, and a conservative estimate is that an average of 62 billion worth of drugs is purchased each year to relieve it. Institutions also have to bear an economic loss of about 95 billion as a result of the pressure of this work.

It should be noted that financial institutions, especially those working in banks and security institutions, are more affected by work stress. If you are not able to perform well in your office or workplace due to stress, work Being affected or not feeling strong can lead to dismissal or endangering your business.

For a couple of people with this condition, this symptom requires immediate remedial action.

There are usually a number of factors that can cause work stress, such as fear of dismissal, overwork or tiredness of working in the office for long periods of time due to lack of staff, meeting the expectations of your boss or client. The pressure of completing work on time to make a good impression on others and not being skilled in your work, etc.

Symptoms of this stress include constant anxiety, confusion, irritability, lack of interest in work, fatigue, lethargy, sleep deprivation, inattention, upset stomach, insomnia and nausea, etc. If such symptoms are found, it clearly means that he is suffering from mental stress due to office or professional work or any other reason. Performance can be improved by taking various measures to get rid of work stress.

These measures are given below:

Start your day with exercise. Remember, the first hour of the day forms the next 23 hours, so get up early in the morning as soon as the sun rises (preferably with the Fajr call) and pray for at least fifteen minutes. Exercise for 20 minutes. There is absolutely no need for extra care in this regard because it has been observed that people who are in a very careless cycle, they can not exercise at all, so it would be better to have one place at home. But jump lightly for a while, sit up or jump rope for a while.

Although these are very simple exercises of a simple nature, they are so effective that you will feel significantly better in just a few days. Above all, this way you will be able to get to the office or workplace on time.

Be clear about your needs in the office and this is possible only when you realize your responsibilities. You also know what to do when you arrive at the office in the morning and what to do. 

Remember, these two points are very important. If you do less than your responsibilities, problems will arise and if you do more, you will be stressed, so it is important to balance your work. Is a good strategy.

Avoid confrontations and quarrels, as they have a negative impact on physical and mental health. Office politics usually causes a lot of stress and is usually preceded by small issues and minor differences, which increase over time. They also take the form of growing animosity or at least because of them the people concerned become depressed.

Relax the body. Sometimes a working seat or the place where you are sitting and working is so uncomfortable that it creates stress. The fact is that even a simple sitting position can cause stress. A gentleman who was a computer operator in an organization. He often had pain in his neck and head. He was advised to look up and down his chair, so that while working on the computer, his head, neck and Keep your back straight.

If they followed this suggestion, the headache and restlessness would go away in a few days, which would have caused them severe fatigue and confusion, so make sure you look for adequate lighting and rest in your seat and place. If proper facilities are not available, arrange them.

Avoid doing too many things at once. It is a common practice in our offices that the solution to overwork is to start several things at once.

Remember, doing multiple tasks at once does not increase performance, but it does increase stress, which in turn affects performance. Instead of doing multiple tasks at once, look for alternative positive ways to solve them quickly. A close friend or office colleague can also be consulted.

If there is a break for prayers and lunch in the office in the afternoon, make sure to take advantage of it, because working from nine in the morning to one o'clock, the energy is less than a quarter.

Taking a short break relaxes the mind and body and restores energy. Renewable energy means increasing efficiency, but people who do not eat lunch to save time due to overwork, They reduce their performance and instead of working more in less time, they are able to work less in more time. In addition, there are many other ways to get rid of work stress. Yes, however, if all of the above is followed, there will be a marked reduction in work pressure and a positive effect on mental health.

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