Our social attitude towards depression

Depression is a silent and insidious disease that licks the human body like a termite. In other words, it is the state of mind in which a person becomes permanently depressed, sad or depressed and loses interest in life. It affects children, young and old alike. It is not limited to a specific gender or age but can affect any age group. Depression treatment is possible in some ways as well.

Depression treatment
Depression is a treatable illness

Causes of depression

There are many causes of depression. Including: 

  • Domestic problems 
  • Business problems 
  • Severe physical illness 
  • Excessive and unnecessary use of drugs 

Important occasions or events that may not be happy, such as marriage, new business, etc. However, the top of the list is mental retardation and awareness. There are two main reasons for this.

Social attitude towards depression

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of paralysis worldwide.

It is becoming more common worldwide, affecting approximately 264 million people. Its worst level leads to suicide. About 800,000 people die each year from suicide. Surprisingly, depression is the second leading cause of death among 15-30-year-olds. In Pakistan, 10% of the population suffers from some form of mental illness and anxiety.

Despite this, Pakistan lags behind other countries in the list of psychologists. Despite the high proportion of depressed people in the population, there are only 4400 psychiatrists and 5 psychiatric hospitals in the country. The seriousness of the growing number of depression can be gauged from the statistics.

Depression treatment can be somehow difficult for patients as well. But, depression is a treatable illness.

Not every one of us is a doctor or a psychiatrist who can diagnose this disease immediately but still, there are some basic symptoms which it is not possible to understand that we can treat it on our own but it is possible that precautionary measures are taken. To help ourselves and others through tactics, to save our loved ones from it or to ensure immediate and sure treatment for those who have already fallen victim to it.

Persistent sadness, frustration, feelings of shame and remorse, lack of self-importance, feeling helpless, lack of interest and joy in anything, lack of physical energy or weakness, difficulty in making decisions and remembering things Thinking of death all the time or attempting suicide, etc. There are many other serious factors that sound the alarm.

It has been commonly observed that those who suffer from depression or in which any such symptoms begin to appear are indifferent to all kinds of social activities and relationships. Mercy is eaten on them. It is as if their disease is further aggravated by looking at them with depressed eyes. They are pushed into the swamp of loneliness. They are locked up like a prisoner.

Talking to them, meeting them first is less and then completely eliminated. People are embarrassed to be friends and belong to people like them. Their attitudes make them realize from time to time that they want to be alone, even if they are forced to take serious steps to commit suicide. The ironic thing is that every other person is suffering from this disease somewhere and yet they are treating others like this without knowing what to do.

This is the main reason why it is constantly growing and spreading instead of disappearing. Depression is not a deadly contagious disease that everyone runs away from, nor is it incurable that everyone hates such a person. Strangely enough, if someone's sad status is posted on social media, it is considered necessary to comment on it immediately, even though in fact your own loved ones may notice your indifference.

Sadly, we belong to a blind society where we have to shed tears to reassure the sad and die to reassure the sick. We often abuse people with depression by behaving in a very abusive manner. All they need is adoption, sincerity and love. We must be very lenient with them.

They should pay attention to. Their self-confidence must be restored. They need to be reassured that they are not alone. If they are confused about something, they should listen and turn their attention in a positive direction. Instead of isolating them, they should build social ties and relationships. They should be kept as busy as possible so that they stay away from negative thinking or at least encourage them to fight. Medical treatment is in place, but believe me, our social attitude is also very effective. If we want, we can help someone and if we want, we can deliberately push the next one to the well of death. It is up to you. I leave the decision to you.
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