How to maintain mental health during isolation?

The following 4 ways to maintain mental health during isolation will help a lot. Focus on them to reduce your tensions and frustrations in isolation.

How to maintain mental health during isolation?

1. Spend the day in small pursuits

Psychologist Dr Lucy Aitchison says that in self-imposed the loneliness we begin to remember the little things we used to do without paying attention in ordinary days.

He told The Independent: 'When you're out of the house for work, you can stop at your favourite coffee shop on the way, or slap someone you know on the street, and so on. There are small things that we do throughout the day and these activities lift our spirits without realizing it.

2. Continue to eat healthy

When you are at home, you are more likely to sit on the couch unmoved, eat unbalanced meals and graze all day for fun.

Stephen Buckley, head of information at Mind, says you should try to stay in touch with the outside world and exercise as much as you can.

Kelly also says that as an alternative, try looking out the window to see birds or try planting plants indoors to keep your mind active and connected to nature. If possible, open the window and let fresh air into your room.

3. Maintain a sense of normalcy

Spend your whole day in a pair of pajamas or at 3 pm you remember that you haven't even brushed your teeth yet because you know no one is coming to see you? It seems that in the long run, such a routine will not be good for your mental health.

Emma Krington says: 'Try to stay as normal as possible. Sleep on time and wake up on time so you can get a good night's sleep. Although you want to maintain your routine.

Lucy Acheson warns against sleeping, working, eating and repeating all these routines. He says: 'Still, take some time to value your day. Life is not just about eating and sleeping. Make some fun stuff for yourself. (It's not just in Netflix).

 "After observation, I have noticed many people who are separating themselves because of loss of hope. They use this time to reflect on themselves and to think about everything that goes wrong in their lives (related to work, relationships and friendships). When we are overwhelmed by a tiring life, it soon loses its joy. So have fun. '

4. Stay connected to people

Just because you're isolating yourself (to avoid the plague) doesn't mean you have to cut yourself off from the world, according to Anxiety UK.

'If you are involved in this struggle, take some time to call your friends or family. Tell them how you feel, talk about it. If you don't have someone you can talk to, you can call some groups, such as Samartians and helplines like Senline.

The World Health Organization also recommends continuing your social network during self-inflicted isolation. 'Even when you are isolated, try as much as possible to maintain your personal routine or create new ones. If health authorities suggest limiting your physical and social contact to control the epidemic, you can stay connected via email, social media, video conferencing and telephone.

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